How Long Will My Home Construction Project Take?

How Long Will My Home Construction Project Take?

This is a crucial issue to consider. Unlike pre-built houses, the process of moving into new construction involves more than simply a closing time. There is a lot that goes into estimating the cost of a home, as well as the time period for completion.

So, how much time will it take?

The overall duration of a project is usually determined by the many phases, although external conditions such as weather, raw materials, and staff availability may also have an impact.

Before you start building a house, learn the ins and outs of the job site in Houston. In some areas, you must also be familiar with the local homeowners association and any rules that apply to new custom design construction. They can help you locate a home in your desired area or region, based on the size and style of the house, as well as other factors.

The City of Houston does not have zoning, but development is governed by ordinance codes that address how property can be subdivided. Development site plans are checked for compliance with regulations that include parking, tree and shrub requirements, setbacks, and access. Find out more here.

Once you are aware of your limitations, you must get a pre-designed plan or an expert to help you build your house.

This is where you’ll learn how far your money will take you and what it’ll take to make your goals a reality. Keep in mind that bespoke houses may need more time to construct than prefabricated ones. Remembering your ultimate goal might help in preventing you from being overwhelmed or enthralled by the design phase of the process.

Construction Phases

The following list provides key tasks, in the order in which they must be completed. This offers a general picture of what will happen and when. On average, it takes about 18 months to two years to design and build a luxury home, from start to finish. But keep in mind that each timetable will differ depending on a variety of circumstances. (Residential Construction Schedule, 2022)

Foundation: Week 1 to 4

It’s critical that you choose the right foundation! Ensure that all required vents and waterproofing have been put in place. This phase also includes clearing out debris and trees, levelling out the lot and pouring the foundation. A month is about average for this step.

Framing Floors, Walls & Roof: Week 5 to 7

After the footers have been installed and inspected, the concrete slab for your foundation will be poured. Then your house will have a solid foundation for framing. The flooring, walls, and roof will all be framed with wood. Once the framing is finished, an inspector will return to ensure that everything is up to code.

Major Components and Drywall: Week 8 to 12

Workers may begin filling your house with the equipment that keeps it running and makes it appear like a home once you’ve completed the basic framework. Professionals will install everything from heating and cooling equipment to plumbing lines and electrical systems. After that, the walls will be coated with insulation and drywall. If you want to install a home security system, solar panels, or other home automation devices, now is the time to consider the wiring, voltage, and power supply requirements.

Interior Finishes: Week 13 to 17

One of the most important considerations you’ll make during this stage is flooring. Identifying your lifestyle, style, and budget will assist you in making decisions. Keep in mind your budget, choose the flooring accordingly. Genuine hardwood floors are beautiful but prone to scratching and staining, and they are expensive. If you enjoy the design but want more longevity, tile or engineered hardwood may be a better choice.

Fixtures, Appliances, Etc: Week 18 to 20

Install the light fixtures, kitchen gadgets, counter tops, and outlet plate covers, as well as the final electrical and plumbing work. Install particular home automation equipment while you finish your house now because it’s an excellent moment to do so.

The last weeks of your home-building schedule will be a blur of emotion. You’ll be excited, but you’ll undoubtedly want to know if everything will come together in time for the closing. If you need help with your options, please feel free to reach out to J&M Construction.

J&M Construction is a Qualified Partner

Working with a highly qualified partner helps assure that your home remodeling project goes smoothly. No matter what you have in mind, choosing the right company to handle your project is key to a successful build. Schedule your project with J&M Construction & Remodeling. Our staff works hard to understand your needs and get things right the first time. Call us at (281) 359-3550 to get started.


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