12 Things to Know Before Starting a Home Office Space Renovation

Home Office Renovation

A home office space renovation is at the top of many working professionals’ lists of things to do. If you’re working from home some or all of the time, homeschooling, or turning a hobby into a career, a home office space renovation is the perfect way to boost your productivity, keep you organized, and create efficiencies for your current home footprint.

In Texas, we don’t have the luxury of a basement as our friends in northern states have, so an attic conversion for a home office makes sense.

Work-Life Changes

2020 changed the way we work and whether we want to accept it or not, remote work is here to stay. The dining room table has become the family remote workspace leaving many of us frustrated and desperate for a change.

Self-employment isn’t something new and will see a big exit from corporate America as business professionals face the realization that they have more control over their happiness and autonomy than once believed. Are you one of the many considering self-employment or a hybrid work situation conversation with your employer?


Work-life balance, virtual learning and virtual meetings have changed the face of how employers and employees operate. It won’t ever go back to the way things were. So what are your choices? Many long for a space at home where there can be privacy and technology upgrades. A home office space renovation is high on the list for many professionals.

So we see different solutions trending from room additions to she sheds and man caves in the backyard. Whatever you decide to do, be sure it has long-term value for your home. If it is an intentionally planned space, you’ll realize a return from your investment.

Attic Conversion

The best part about an attic is its location. Adding a home office in this wasted space will add value and make your home attractive to home buyers upon resale.

If you are not sure your attic has enough space to be converted into a home office, arrange a professional design consultation. Make sure you check the walls, insulation, wiring, and windows to know if upgrades are required.

Conversion Considerations

Don’t let a remodeling contractor decide for you what amenities you need and what you can live without. Moving or adding plumbing, electrical and HVAC are costly. Decide ahead of time if you need a powder bath, upgraded lighting and extra outlets for technology and if your A/C can handle the addition or will it need an upgrade.

Come to the table with sketches or magazine clips of things you like from flooring, wall materials, windows, built in book-shelves, lighting and anything else that you can decide up front.

Pre-Construction Checklist

We’ve created a handy preconstruction checklist to help you organize the buildout process. Once you’ve got things organized and ready to go, it is time to contact a reputable general contractor.


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